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Hi all

I'm Farah Mendlesohn, Head of the Dealer room for Loncon 3.

Many of you will have books coming over with publishers, and some of you may want to take a table, but for those of you who just wish to bring over a pile of books for the book room we have an independent publisher deal which may help.

We have a local bookshop coming into the convention, Big Green Books. They will be acting as host for people who wish to bring in books.

The cost is £1 per book, for a maximum of ten copies, of ten titles (ie 100 books, maximum £100).

For comparison, the cheapest table is £120 (£150 with dealer passes).

If you think you might be interested in this, drop me a line at exhibits@loncon3.org
The Blue Ey'd Hag

Wheedling for Panelists

There's an SF/Fantasy/Anime/Steampunk/​Horror/Kitchen Sink convention happening here in Wichita in October. Encounters Convention--its first year. And I have been asked to put together a panel for it.

You know what would be awesome, my writer friends, my editor friends, my agent friends, and other friends in the business? It would be awesome to be able to get in on the ground floor of this midwestern con (and let me tell you, it's a seriously underserved area) and help turn it into something amazing. It would be wonderful to be able to influence a convention and help give it genuine spec fic character.

What do you think you could contribute to a brand new con? What would you do, given the opportunity?

FogCon and Marry Shelley

Hi there,
I'm doing publications for FogCon 2, a literary science fiction convention with aspirations to be similar to WisCon and Readercon for the San Francisco Bay Area. Along with the usual Guest of Honor, we like to include a "Ghost" of Honor. This year we are honoring Mary Shelley. I need to find someone to write a short biography of Mary Shelley for our program book. I've been having trouble finding someone and the deadline to get the program book to the publisher is looming. Is there anyone here or does anyone know anyone that might be interested in writing such a biography? The theme for this year's convention is The Body, so it would be great to relate the biography to our theme. If anyone is interested or if anyone can recommend someone, could you please contact me? My e-mail is xangoexu@gmail.com. Thanks for your help.
The Old Power Returns

Broad Universe First Virtual Annual Meeting

Broad Universe will have an open annual meeting on August 14, 2011, at 7pm Eastern Time (US/Canada). This will be different from previous annual meetings in that it will be virtual -- that is, a large-scale conference call and web presentation.

New president Trisha Wooldridge will chair the meeting, which starts with a message from our outgoing president, Phoebe Wray. Other members of the Motherboard will describe what we've been doing this past year, and all will talk about our plans for the future. At the end, we'll answer questions that have been submitted.

If you're interested in attending, visit our Annual Meeting FAQ page. The meeting is open to both paid Broad Universe members (www.broaduniverse.org) and non-members.

The meeting will be recorded so that those who can't attend will be able to listen later.

Broad Universe is a nonprofit organization under US Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

Member of the Motherboard and technical maven for the meeting

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March Broad Pod is now available

The March Broad Pod is now available by visiting: http://broadpod.posterous.com

Jean Marie Ward (http://JeanMarieWard.com) is the hostess for this month's, "March's Woman Power," a collection of short readings from women writing speculative fiction.

In honor of Women’s History Month the spotlight is on aspects of Woman Power—and powerful women:
Charged with treason, Gail Z. Martin’s,(http://www.ascendantkingdoms.com/)pregnant queen Kiera must wage a war of words to save herself, her friends, and her unborn child.

Larissa N. Niec’s (http://larissaniec.com/) selection, the goddess Rhianna’s high priestess embarks on a dangerous spirit quest to seek help for her dying land.

Theresa Crater (http://theresacrater.com/) introduces her heroine—and us—to the legendary Morgan le Fey in the land beneath the hallowed hill.

Diane Whiteside (http://dianewhiteside.com/) takes us to present-day
Virginia, where a psychically gifted homicide detective learns just how powerful a woman working for the FBI can be.

Danielle Ackley-McPhail (http://sidhenadaire.com/) takes us to the future and a squadron of hell-raising women fighter pilots led by the infamous Scarlet Jay.

Check it out! http://broadpod.posterous.com

Interview: Gail Martin

Today we're visiting with Broad Universe member Gail Z. Martin. She is the author of the "Chronicles of the Necromancer series", and the new "Fallen Kings Cycle." Her latest book, "The Sworn," is available in bookstores. For more information on Gail, check out: http://www.ascendantkingdoms.com/

**When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve known that I wanted to write stories since I was 14 years old.

**What is your writing process? When do you write?
I write two days a week for the whole day. That helps me to mentally move into the world I’m writing about and keeps distractions at a minimum.

**Do you have any writing rituals? What do you keep around your writing area to inspire you?
I like to have instrumental music (no words) playing when I write—anything with lyrics is too distracting. And I keep a cup of tea or coffee close by, along with my dog. I take a break and hug my dog if I need to think through a scene.

**What is your most current project?
I’ve turned in the manuscript for "The Dread" (Book Two in "The Fallen Kings Cycle"), so now I’m working on the first book in a whole new series for Orbit Books.

**What was the inspiration for the book?
I started with “what if” and ran with it, thinking about a historical occurrence and asking “what if” it had gone in the opposite direction.

**Who is your favorite character, and why?
My two favorite characters in my books to date are Tris and Jonmarc. I like Tris because he refuses to be boxed in by fate, and Jonmarc because he has been knocked down so many times and keeps getting back up.

**Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn?
I love to take my kids to the amusement park and ride the roller coasters.

**Words of wisdom to new writers?
Don’t ever give up! Ever! Find a supportive circle of friends who will give you true yet encouraging feedback, and learn to write for their amusement, then broaden that circle.

**How has Broad Universe “broadened” your writing life? Any fun stories, experiences, etc.?
I love the supportive atmosphere in BU and have made a lot of friends who are also BU members. I don’t get the chance to participate in the conversations as much as I should but it’s fun to watch them scroll by.

**What one book would you save from a burning fire, and why?
Assuming that copies of my own books and manuscripts are safely duplicated elsewhere, I’d have to say that it would be whatever book I’m reading at the moment—I couldn’t stand waiting around without a good book!

**Are there any writers (living or dead) that are influencing you right now?
Right now I’m reading Carole Nelson Douglas’s "Irene Adler" series and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s "Saint-Germain" series and I’m very impressed with the details of their descriptions and their world building.

**If you could talk to any writer (living or dead) what one question would you ask, or what one thing would you say?
“Thank you.”

**Favorite bookstore/library?
All of them! Seriously. We spend a lot of time (and cash) in bookstores, and I go to the library every week with my daughter to augment the book supply.

**Favorite planet or fantasy world you'd like to live in?
Somewhere that the temperature stays between 70 – 90 degrees with low humidity and calories don’t count!

**Give me one thing you want readers to remember after they finish this blog?
Most published writers became “overnight successes” after putting in years of hard work and preparation. If what you want isn’t coming easily for you and you look around and wonder why it’s so easy for others, realize that you’re only seeing the end result, not the struggle.

Interview: Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Today we're visiting with Broad Universe member, and award-winning author, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, who has worked both sides of the publishing industry for over fifteen years. Her works include the urban fantasies, "Yesterday's Dreams," "Tomorrow's Memories," and "The Halfling’s Court: A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale." She has edited the "Bad-Ass Faeries" anthology series, and "Dragon’s Lure," and has contributed to numerous other anthologies and collections. To learn more about her work, visit www.sidhenadaire.com and www.badassfaeries.com.

**When did you know you wanted to be a writer? I don’t think it was ever a conscious choice, it just happened. I was a reader before I was a writer and then when school was introduced into the picture with English and Composition assignments, that just put paid to it as they say. I’ve always had more creativity than was likely good for me and writing was a natural outlet.

**What is your writing process? When do you write? I write whenever I can grab the time. When I wake up in the morning before work, on the train using my PDA, at my lunch hour at work, once I get home from work…3am in the morning when I can’t sleep.

**Do you have any writing rituals? What do you keep around your writing area to inspire you? If I have any ritual at all it is turning on the computer, turning out the lights, and turning on the music…instrumentals only, please ☺ If I’m really caught up in things it is best to have no distractions. As for my inspiration…I’m supposed to be writing "The Redcaps’ Queen," sequel to my biker faerie novel, "The Halfling’s Court," so I have two things I received from my co-editor Jeffrey Lyman on my desk: a biker bear in black “leather” and tulle, and a resin figuring of a biker faerie chick literally burning rubber on a cycle with a dragon prow, for lack of a better description ☺ I do have photographs

**What is your most current project? Oh my…you’d think I was writing a book if I told you all I was working on…my two immediate projects are two steampunk anthologies I’m co-editing. One is called "Clockwork Chaos" and the other is In "An Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk," both are co-edited with Neal Levin. I’m also working on the fourth "Bad-Ass Faeries" anthology, (It’s Elemental), and the second "Legends of a New Age" anthology (Eternal Flame). On the novel front, I am working on two at the moment: "Today’s Promise" (the last book in the Eternal Cycle series), and "The Redcaps’ Queen" (the sequel to The Halfling’s Court). And finally, I’m working on a nonfiction writing guide. It’s a new series by Dragon Moon Press called, "The Elements of Fantasy." Volume one is all about magic.

**What was the inspiration for the book? Neal has the lead on "Clockwork Chaos," so I couldn’t tell you the inspiration there, but for In "An Iron Cage" it was a really cool piece of artwork of a dark elf in front of a steel-riveted wall. The elf echoed the color of the wall which was a bit rusted, because her hair was rust red and her skin was gunmetal grey. She looks very enigmatic in a pseudo-Nazi uniform with a riding crop propped against her folded arms. Neal sent me the art initially and just said…what would you do with this. What can I say, the picture spoke to me! As for the rest…I don’t think we have enough space to go into it all ;)

**Who is your favorite character, and why? I presume you mean in relation to the above projects. I would have to say Miss Sadie Angelina Carlisle from the story I wrote for In "An Iron Cage." She’s one of those very distinct characters that has a voice very independent of my own and to me she just jumps off the page. Her story is one of the few I have ever done completely in dialect…something I normally try and minimize, but I can say without a doubt this would not be half the story it currently is without Sadie’s “Voice” on the page and in your face the way it is now.

**Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn? I am related to both Captain Kidd (maternal line) and Grace Kelly (paternal line). So…I can really say I’m a pirate princess!

**Words of wisdom to new writers? Writing is often an enriching experience for the soul, but more rarely for the wallet. Do it because you love it, not because you want to get rich.

**How has Broad Universe “broadened” your writing life? Any fun stories, experiences, etc.? I have met so many wonderful Broads through BU, and because of them I have had writing opportunities that have made me stretch my boundaries outward, consider new things. It’s been a blast. If I could only keep one writing organization I belong to, it would be Broad Universe.

** What one book would you save from a burning fire, and why? The Bible because it’s pulled me from the fire on more than one occasion. As for fiction books…as much as I love to read, and am proud of the books of my own that have published, I’m afraid all the paper goods would lose out to the people and cats closest to me.

**Are there any writers (living or dead) that are influencing you right now? No…not really. I can’t say that I’ve ever tried to mirror or emulate any particular author other than myself. My creativity doesn’t function that way. Characters influence my style more than the writing of others, and at that, only my characters. Reading is for enjoyment for me, not something to hold my own work up against.

** If you could talk to any writer (living or dead) what one question would you ask, or what one thing would you say? I would ask CS Lewis “Are there books in Heaven, or should I bring my own?”

**Favorite bookstore/library? Between Books, an independent bookstore in Claymont, DE (www.betweenbooks.com). Not only does it have the coolest selection, but the owner loves what he does and intimately knows the contents of his store. Pretty ironic considering he is located in the middle of a limping strip mall, but tell you this…he’s been in business for over thirty years, so that has to tell you something!

**Favorite planet or fantasy world you'd like to live in? The one where chocolate doesn’t make you fat, chores never need to be done, and parents don’t have to be afraid for their children the minute they walk out the door.

**Give me one thing you want readers to remember after they finish this blog? All fiction is fantasy, so why not put a bit of magic in it? Look at the world crosswise and have fun playing with the twists, because anyone can write about everyday things, but those we remember are those that can put someday on the page.

Interview: Stina Leicht

Today we're visiting with author, Stina Leicht a Broad Universe member and fantasy writer, living in central Texas. She has a flash fiction piece appearing in Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s anthology, "Last Drink Bird Head." Her debut novel, "Of Blood and Honey" is being published by Night Shade Books and is a dark fantasy set in 1970s Northern Ireland during "The Troubles." More information can be found at: http://www.csleicht.com

**When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
Like many writers, I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was very young. Of course, I also wanted to be a Pit Mechanic at a race track, an Astronaut, an Animator for Walt Disney, and a Ballerina. Strangely, Fiction Writer was the one that worked out. It’s just as well. It’s tough to cram a tutu in a space suit anyway.

**What is your writing process? When do you write?
My husband calls me a “method writer” which means I get busted for doing ridiculous things like smelling snow and standing too close to fireworks displays. Oh, and driving 90 mph on a race track.
I tend to write in the mornings or late at night.

**Do you have any writing rituals? What do you keep around your writing area to inspire you?
Music is important to my process. It helps me get my head into the setting. I also like to keep candles, incense and... toys on my desk. No, really. And my magic wand collection. I keep hoping I’ll find one that actually works. (No dice so far.)

**What is your most current project?
I’ve a two book deal with Night Shade. Soooo, that would be the next book in the series. The working title is And Blue Skies from Pain, but the jury is still out on that one. It’ll focus a bit on the Belfast Punk scene – which actually had more in common with the 60s peace movement than London punk. London punk stood for anarchy. Belfast punk was about peace and unity with the occasional slam dance thrown in for good measure, of course. I know that sounds strange, but that’s how it was. Belfast in the 1970s is a fascinating time and place, really – not to mention the music.

**What was the inspiration for the book?
Half of it is because I’m not really a short fiction writer. "Of Blood and Honey" started with a short story sold to an online anthology. Charles de Lint read it and asked me the very important question, “Where’s the rest of the story?” The other half came from a nonfiction book I found in the break room while working at BookPeople as a bookseller: "Those Are Real Bullets" by Peter Pringle and Philip Jacobson. It’s a collection of first-hand accounts of Bloody Sunday (Jan. 30, 1972) in Londonderry. Thirteen unarmed civilians were shot by British Paratroopers during a civil rights march. (A fourteenth died of his wounds at the hospital later.) I was stunned to discover that not only did the British government lie about what happened, the Paratroopers responsible were awarded medals. Most sources site Bloody Sunday as the pivotal moment at the start of the thirty year war the Irish call “The Troubles.” I felt it was too awful an event to just vanish into the past without further comment. So, my main character, Liam Kelly, was born.

**Who is your favorite character, and why?
In "OB&H?" All of them, really — yes, even the black hats. It’s important to make characters fully-rounded. They should have understandable, sometimes sympathetic, motivations for what they do, not just because they make for more interesting characters for the reader. Captivating stories contain conflict of some kind. Cognitive dissonance within a reader is a powerful form of conflict. So, a character is especially effective and memorable when they have sympathetic motivations actions that are clearly not a good thing.

**Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn?
I’m a shy person struggling to be more out-going.

**Words of wisdom to new writers?
Never give up. Never surrender. ☺

**How has Broad Universe “broadened” your writing life?
The Rapid-fire readings have been really helpful. They’re great for getting a information on trends, about what other women are writing. It’s also good to know I’m not the only female who enjoys action and horror.

**What one book would you save from a burning fire, and why?
To be honest? All of them, if I could. It’s hard to choose! But "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury definitely springs to mind. I can’t imagine why anyone would not understand why! LOL.

**Are there any writers (living or dead) that are influencing you right now?
Well, yes. Ray Bradbury will always be a big inspiration, and Stephen King too, and Shirley Jackson. All are poetic in their prose and deeply psychological in content. Of course, with "Of Blood and Honey" I used a lot of Irish Crime writers for inspiration: Collin Bateman, Adrian McKinty, Ken Bruen, Stuart Neville, and Gerard Brennan for example. But my intent was to combine modern fantasy and ancient Irish myth with Irish Crime.

**If you could talk to any writer (living or dead) what one question would you ask, or what one thing would you say?
I’d thank Madeleine L’Engle for "A Wrinkle in Time." That book was "the" book that got to me as a kid. You know, "the" book that influenced me and made me love reading more than almost anything.

**Favorite bookstore/library?
Bookstore: BookPeople in Austin, Texas. Library: The Central Library in downtown Austin. The librarians there have cheerfully helped me with research before. We’ve had a lot of fun.

**Favorite planet or fantasy world you'd like to live in?
Actually, nothing beats what’s going on in my reality right now. I mean, I’ve a wonderful husband, a kick ass car and a new book hitting the shelves. Hell, I’ve wanted this since I was in the 6th grade! But if I had to pick one, I think it’d be Middle Earth. It’d be fun to be a Rohirrim shield maiden like Eowyn.

**Any last words?
Try new things. Take risks. Mix genres. Write whatever it is you feel most passionately about. Don’t write something just because there’s a trend and everyone else is doing it. Be brave and bold and above all, live life to the fullest.

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Broadsheet announcements

1. Broadsheet Editor Needed!

Tap into our vast array of info and resources by producing our thrice-yearly Broadsheet! Editor-in-chief will coordinate with feature editors to gather articles, artwork, interviews, and book reviews for uploading to the Broad Universe website. Contact Elissa Malcohn for more information at deviations [at] earthlink [dot] net.

2. Call for submissions for the Broadsheet Blog Issue!

Do you blog about the writing process? About women in the genre? Do you have lessons to offer or a post about lessons learned? What have your writing experiences and adventures been? Submit to the Broadsheet! We offer a reprint payment of $15, so send in your favorites! E-mail the URL (permalink) of your blog entry to Elissa Malcohn at deviations [at] earthlink [dot] net.